Meet Moji!

Hi, my name is Mojisola, the creative designer and metalsmith behind all the amazing pieces you see on this website.
My interest in jewelry making started when I was 16 and being one with an eye for beautiful jewelry, coupled with a creative mind, this interest with time developed into my love for the art and I haven't stopped making jewelry since then.
I started Perfect Mélange Jewelry officially in 2011 by making custom beaded jewelry designs that were mostly African inspired but five years down that path, my creative vision expanded and I wanted to do more, so I upgraded my skills by taking metalsmithing classes. 
Now I make one of a kind, bespoke and essential jewelry using mainly precious metals and gemstones and my creativity and designs are inspired by the personality of my clients, the things I love and a little bit of nature. 
I also offer consultations with clients to design and create personal or heirloom pieces according to their interests and specifications (you can find a form to schedule custom commission calls on my home page). 
Thank you for being here and I hope you have a beautiful experience shopping for a piece you would love and cherish.